Reasons to Tackle AC Refrigerant Leaks Immediately 

Perhaps you have heard that refrigerant is an important part of your AC unit to keep your house comfortable during the hot summer months. Perhaps this is the extent of your knowledge about refrigerants. Well, you shouldn’t worry because you are not alone.  

Though you do not have to learn every single thing about your AC unit, it is crucial to know how vital a refrigerant is and why you should address leaks immediately.  

If you think your AC unit is leaking refrigerant, contact a professional air conditioning repair Englewood company right away.  

The Hazards of Refrigerant Leaks 

Because every single AC unit has a level or set charge of refrigerant, losing any of it will affect the operation of the unit. Your AC unit can start to lose its cooling ability if you’ve got a low charge of refrigerant. However, that isn’t the only thing that’s going to happen. 

Your whole AC unit is designed for a particular refrigerant pressure or charge. Your entire system is at risk if these levels suddenly change. One of the most common issues linked with refrigerant leaks is a frozen evaporator coil.  

Since there is less cold refrigerant moving through the coil, it will not be able to absorb as much heat as it should. Thus, it can freeze over time.  

The remaining refrigerant cannot warm up as usual. It will stay below freezing instead. This is perhaps what happened if you notice ice on the coils of your AC unit.  

The compressor is the part in your AC unit that is greatly affected by refrigerant leaks. For those who don’t know, the compressor is the heart of the system. This is where refrigerant changes its pressure and causes it to circulate through the entire unit.  

If you’ve got a low refrigerant level, the compressor can overheat. Because of this, your AC unit will not provide the cooling you need for your home.  

To make things worse, you might need to replace the entire system as well if the compressor fails due to refrigerant loss.  

Refrigerant Isn’t a Fuel 

A lot of people believe that refrigerant in the AC unit is a type of fuel. However, that isn’t the case.  

The truth is that your AC unit does not consume any refrigerant during the process. The only energy source your AC unit utilizes is electricity.  

Upon manufacturing, your AC unit is filled with the right levels of refrigerant. This level of refrigerant will last for its entire lifespan unless it leaks.  

The job of refrigerant in your AC unit is to perform heat exchange. The refrigerant transforms between gaseous and liquid states to absorb warm air from the inside of your house and then releases it outside.  

To make things simple, the refrigerant in your AC unit should not deplete. It only happens if you have a leak.  

Do You Have a Leak? 

One of the most common signs of a leaking AC unit is a hissing noise. If you hear this sound coming from your AC, you need to hire a professional right away.  

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