How to Select the Best Dog Groomer to Hire?

Do the idea of trying to force your dog to go into your bathtub once more make your head hurt and backache? If that’s the case, then you should hire professional dog groomers who can provide you professional pet grooming Eugene OR services whenever you want. However, it can be hard to find the right dog groomer. Yes, it’s a given that you want your dog to feel fabulous and look great, but you also need to guarantee that your beloved furry friend is safe during the entire grooming procedure. Here are some of the tips you need to remember as you choose the right dog groomer: 

Check out the salon 

As you visit a salon for pet grooming, take your time to assess the surroundings. Some of the questions you have to ask include: 

  • How are blades, scissors, clippers, etc., are cleaned between uses? 
  • Where are the dogs placed and kept? 
  • Should the pets have updated vaccines to be admitted? 

If your dog is included in one of the brachycephalic breeds, like a pug or bulldog, you have to ask the groomer how they will be drying your dog. This type of breed must never be left with a hot dryer that blows on the kennel. This can also be applied to pets with special health needs or elderly pets. 

Ask questions 

As you select a pet groomer, it’s extremely crucial to ask about the experience of the groomer. Try to ask what breeds are proficient at grooming, how long they have been grooming pets, and ask them if they are still attending recent seminars and courses. A decent dog groomer will also be willing to give you a list of clients you can reach out to ask about the services they got from such a groomer. Keep in mind that even if groomers aren’t licensed by most states, they must have certification from a reputable dog grooming school. 

Request for quotes in advance 

Keep in mind that grooming fees differ from one salon to another. Also, it’s vital to know what is included in the grooming service cost. Will the groomer brush teeth, clean ears, cut nails, etc.? What kind of conditioners and shampoos are utilized? If your net suggests a particular shampoo, do you have to supply it? Aside from that, don’t forget to ask whether your prospective groomer will express the anal glands of your dog. Once you ask and know what’s included in the quote and package, you won’t be surprised to know them once you pay for the bills after picking up your dog after their grooming appointment. 

Make time 

Ultimately, you need to be considerate of the time of your groomer. Make sure to cancel any appointment that you can’t keep. Moreover, keep in mind that your groomer is spending a lot of time going over the coat and skin of your dog, which is a lot longer compared to what your vet will spend. 

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